Terms & Conditions


These General Terms of Sale govern the sale of the securities necessary for participation in the events organized by FENICE SRL and published on the website www.theclubmilano.com - from now on WEBSITE.


The owner of the SITE accessible to the address www.theclubmilano.com is FENICE SRL based in Piazza San Sepolcro 2 - 20123 - MILANO MI.


Participation in EVENTS is subject to booking or purchase of the necessary titles published on the WEBSITE.

During the booking phase, i.e. purchase, you are obliged to provide your required data.

Participation in EVENTS is granted only to an older audience.

Participation in EVENTS is denied to the user who presents clear and evident states of alteration at the entrance of the premises.

Participation in EVENTS shall be denied to the user who, through his or her incorrect attitude, may constitute a danger to the safety of staff at the entrance and/or to other users.

Participation in EVENTS is denied to the user who in the past has caused physical and/or moral harm to FENICE SRL, its structure and its personnel.

The validity, timetables, and manner of participation of the purchased entry certificates are clearly indicated in the e-mail communications received as a good outcome of the economic transaction conducted on the site www.theclubmilano.com
Any other arbitrary form of interpretation of the acquired entry certificates shall be considered invalid.


Each event is associated with a payment condition set a priori by FENICE SRL.

The payment condition may be one of the following:

  • with electronic transaction via credit card, debit card and interbank circuit Paypal or Nei
  • Bank Transfer, only and only subject to authorization by FENICE SRL, against an official communication received from the e-mail address info@theclubmilano.com

Art. 5. DOCUMENTS AND TAX ARRANGEMENTS At the time of payment FENICE SRL provides the customer with the tax documents in accordance with the applicable regulations.

In case of payment by electronic transaction, you receive your tax receipt by e-mail simultaneously at the time of payment.

The Customer who needs an invoice is required to provide at the time of booking or purchase all the tax data provided under the law for issuing the invoice.


All details, date and time are indicated in the confirmations of the reservations made and in the event cards present on the site www.theclubmilano.com

Any other type of communication about our events, other than that on the website or on our official social channels, should not be considered valid.


In the matter of right of withdrawal the reference legislation is the Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, n. 206 known as the Consumer Code.

The benefits provided by FENICE SRL shall fall within the scope of all leisure activities for which the contract provides for a specific date or period of execution. These services are associated with services not subject to the right of withdrawal requirement of Article 59 of the Consumer Code.


No refunds and/or vouchers are available if the customer withdraws an advance purchase and is paid by electronic transaction.

In the event of possible refunds/vouchers for a specific event, the terms and conditions are set out in the relevant event tab. In the absence of specific information, there is therefore no provision for reimbursement.

Purchased tickets are available to third parties only and exclusively through prior communication to the official channels operated by FENICE SRL. Without the written confirmation (e-mail or text message) of the validity of the nominative change, the reservation is considered invalid.


The eventual cancellation of events, for any kind of motivation, is decided unilaterally by FENICE SRL. News of the cancellation of the event is promptly communicated to participants via email and whatsapp/sms messaging.

In the case of advance payment, FENICE SRL commits to the full refund of the amount paid.

FENICE SRL is not responsible for the reimbursement of any organizational expenses incurred by the customer, for the participation in the event (travel expenses, transportation, hotel reservations etc.).


- During the epidemiological emergency from Covid 19, FENICE SRL adapts its purchasing processes, access to the premises and reimbursement. It could therefore be verified in the period after the purchase of the ticket to the events, limitations and/or constraints both under the provisions that will be adopted by the Government or the Legislator, and following decisions taken by the same organization of FENICE SRL on the basis of them. FENICE SRL will inform consumers by means of information published on its website in the relevant sections.

- In case a scheduled event should not be held due to the limitations imposed by the legislation adopted by the Government or Legislator to deal with the epidemiological emergency from Covid 19, FENICE SRL will reimburse the costs of the reservations made and related to the event cancelled or not held, upon request by the consumer through access to the appropriate section;

- In the event that the consumer finds himself in the condition of having to cancel the booking of an event as a result of positivity at Covid 19, FENICE SRL is not obliged to refund the tickets acquired

For any type of dispute, the Milan Forum will be exclusively competent.